Wedding Do’s And Don’ts For Guests

8 March 2019

Just like any other special events, there are several things that must be observed by everyone attending a wedding. Unfortunately, only a few individuals are aware of the etiquettes to follow for this special day. As such, we have decided to come up with a post that will focus on the wedding do’s and don’ts. Guests must learn how to follow these:


The first rule to observe is to be kind to the couple who invited you to join them as they take each other as husband and wife on a special day. Once you receive the invitation, the ideal thing to do is to RSVP as soon as possible. Usually, the invite comes with an RSVP card that you have to forward to the wedding planner so that your attendance will be counted. Never send an RSVP if you are not sure if you can attend the wedding.

DON’T Bring A Plus One Without Consent

Everyone needs to understand that a wedding couple expects to have only family and friends for their special day. It is the reason why they usually have a table seating arrangement to ensure that all guests can have fun at the reception area. As such, you must learn how to respect this by not bringing a date to the event except if you have been given a go signal from the couples. Take note that violating this number one rule can be rude.

DO Bring A Gift

It is customary for any wedding guest to attend the celebration with a gift. Take note that you are not required to buy an expensive present for the couple. All that is necessary is for you to look for an item that is meaningful and can make the recipients happy. If you are not sure about the gift, all you must do is to check the wedding presents registry. It is highly recommended to buy the gift as early as possible so that you can still have lots to choose from.

DON’T Be Late

There is no excuse for being late on a wedding, which is why you have to be at the church at least thirty minutes before the ceremony starts. Keep in mind that you are expected to be early especially if you have a significant role for the wedding. Keep in mind that it is impolite to keep the couples and the other guests wait. Just because most wedding ceremonies start late does not give you the right not to come on time. Remember that arriving late can disrupt the event once it has begun.

DO Turn Off Your Phone

Be respectful to the couple to be wed by turning your phone off during the ceremony and event at the reception area. Take note that once your cellphone rings for any reason, it can interrupt an on-going ceremony or celebration. Worse, it can even make people turn your heads towards you. If you do not want this to happen, be sure to follow the “no cellphones” rule. If calls are essential for you, the least you could do is put your smartphone into a silent mode.