Garden Weddings 101

4 April 2019

Nowadays, people can already choose different concepts for a wedding ceremony or celebration. With all the recent advancements in the wedding industry, almost everything is possible. One of the most popular choices for brides and grooms is having the ceremony in an outdoor place.

While a garden wedding may be heaven-like, we cannot deny the fact that it can also be challenging to manage. As such, it is essential to take note of several things to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the ceremony. In this article, we are going to highlight the top considerations that every couple and wedding organizer must remember for a worry-free special day. Make sure to follow these tips:

Choose The Right Shoes

Unlike wedding churches or chapels, the surface of gardens and outdoor places can be grassy or uneven. Because of this, you must not forget to shop for the right shoes to wear. It is best if you can do away with wearing stilettos or high-heeled shoes so that you can be comfortable during your special day. At the same time, it can also help in preventing a situation where you would trip over and embarrass yourself in the aisle.

Check The Weather

Another challenge of having a garden wedding is the weather. Hence, you must make it a top priority to check the weather forecast before booking for your special day. If there is a little chance of rain, it is best to avoid choosing that date. Needless to say, you need to look for dates wherein the sun is expected to be around for the entire day. Otherwise, all your wedding plans and arrangements may be ruined by rainfall or tropical storm.

Have A Back-Up Plan

Keep in mind that it is always ideal to be optimistic about your upcoming wedding celebration. However, it does not hurt to be cautious of the wrong things that may arise during the actual day of the event. For this reason, it is a great idea to remind your wedding organizer to have a backup plan in case the weather would change during the date of the event. Moreover, you must also consider what will happen if the ceremony will start late or earlier. The best way to do this is to come up with a contingency plan.

Read Your Booking Contract

If you are going to rent out the venue for the wedding, it is highly recommended to go over the fine print of the lease contract. You must know the provision that discusses what will happen if it rains during the wedding day. Are you entitled to a refund? Can you select another date? Are they going to provide an indoor area that can be reserved for the wedding couple and the guests? These are the types of questions that you must ask before signing a contract or agreement.

Save yourself from the hassle of planning for an outdoor wedding by selecting the best event planner in the industry. Be sure to choose a professional organizer so that you will not feel any stress on your special day.