A Quick Guide To Writing Wedding Vows

1 March 2019

Creating your wedding vows can be exciting and challenging all at the same time. You will feel a lot of pressure to work on it, especially if you have a lot of things to say to your partner. Do not worry because some effective techniques can help you write wedding vows that will truly make your partner smile and feel lucky on your big day. Here is the list of things to take note of:

Create A List Of Happy Memories

Start by jotting down all the good moments that you have shared with your soon-to-be spouse. Think of all the happy memories that you were able to enjoy together for the past few years of the relationship. Once you have the list, it will be easier on your part to remember the qualities that made you fell in love with the other person. Eventually, it can help you come up with the perfect wedding vow.

Focus On Making Promises

Remember that wedding vows are all about making promises that you must honor throughout your marriage. Make sure that you know the promises that you have to keep for the rest of your lives together. The best thing to do is to be specific in writing down about your promises to the other person. Never say something that you are not sure to keep during the marriage. Otherwise, your spouse will only feel disappointment in the future.

Feel Free To Quote

Do not be afraid to be a romantic by quoting a line from your partner’s favorite book or song. For sure, it will make him happy to know that you made an effort to remember one of his favorites. However, make sure to avoid clichés by adding something unique to your vows. Remember that the ideal thing to do is to choose only a few words and put them in a quote. The rest of the content for the wedding vows must be original and coming from you.

Keep It Short And Sweet

As much as possible, keep your wedding vows to at least two minutes short so that you can avoid blabbing words you do not understand as well as boring the guests on your special day. What is important is to say everything that you feel towards your future husband. Be sure to avoid exaggerating the contents of your vows. Keep in mind that it is imperative on your part to create direct yet meaningful promises.

Get The Opinion Of Others

Find someone, either a close friend or a family member, who can give you suggestions or comments about your wedding vows. Always remember that you can count on other people to help you complete the words that you want to share with your future spouse. Do not feel bad if they tell you to change some contents on your vows. Remember that they only want nothing but the best for you.

Stop pressuring yourself in coming up with the ideal and perfect wedding vows. As long as you write something from the heart, there is nothing to worry about.